Senior Driving

Driving Expertise That Seniors Rely On

As a senior motorist, it never hurts to hone your skills. The rules of the road evolve, and so does the driving technology people use to get around. At Go And Drive, we offer training that helps you stay sharp and feel safer.

Being a senior or retiree doesn’t mean that your schedule is free of obligations. We make it easy to choose the instruction that matches your lifestyle best. Even better, you don’t have to deal with annoying written testing if you’d rather not.

Join the 2-hour in-car training course at our Scottsdale driving school to work with one of our specialized staff members as you review and refine your driving technique. If you’d like to pursue further expertise, these packages include discounts on our classroom courses.

Staying safe on the road can be difficult no matter what age you are. Enroll in our Senior Driving Packages to improve your odds.

Professional assessment

2 HR In-Car Training

  • 2hrs of In-Car Training
  • Extending Your Safe Driving Career.
  • Offers objective, one-on-one evaluation, and opinions designed especially for senior drivers.
  • Implementation of techniques and training that can overcome basic challenges that come with age
behind-the-wheel classes