Ultimate Package Manual Transmission

6HR AZ Instructional Permit Class

This 6 HR class will prepare for your written test. After class, we will accompany you to a nearby third party for your exam and get your permit the same day. You will also get an Insurance certificate which may reduce your Insurance rates.

6HR AZ Instructional Permit Class

10hrs of In-Car Training
divided into 4 appointments of each 2.5hrs
Includes MVD Road Test Waiver

This waiver will let you bypass road testing at the MVD. The student can get the driver’s license the same day after the last lesson.

6HR AZ Instructional Permit Class

This package contains the 6hr in-class training – AZ Instructional Permit Class – and a total of 10hrs of behind the wheel training covering the entire curriculum of our driver’s education program including a Road Test Waiver

  • 4 lessons of behind the wheel training of each 2.5 hrs. Training covers the rules of the road including parking maneuvers parallel parking, perpendicular parking, 3-point turn and defensive driving skills. Intercity driving, complex traffic, and freeway driving are included.
  • We recommend spacing out the lessons at least 1 or 2 weeks apart but you also can schedule them back-to-back depending on your goals.
  • Lessons are available 7 days a week including weekends.
  • We offer 3 different pickup times to choose from: 8 am, 12 pm and 4 pm
  • We pick up and drop off at home, school, or place of work free of charge (No need to come to our office)
  • Lessons are given in our safety equipped car.
  • A parent may sit in the back and observe the lesson.
  • An Insurance Certificate will be issued after the course.
  • This package contains the ROAD TEST WAIVER. After the last training course, our trainer will provide a road test. After successful passing our road test we will issue Road Test Waiver. No MVD test required.
  • FREE retests
  • Upgrade anytime to our ULTIMATE, SUPREME, PRISTINE or TITANIUM package
  • Register and schedule your drive online.

Payment Plans Available

*Does not include MVD processing fee.